General terms of supply

The following general supply conditions apply to all supplies of services, goods, projects, etc., referred to in the corporate purpose, including future ones, even if explicit reference is not made to them in individual cases. Different purchasing conditions of the client, are not binding for Florence One Srl if not accepted in writing on a case-by-case basis. At the time of the order or after the receipt of the goods or the payment of even part of an order, these general conditions of supply are understood to be accepted by the purchaser. The validity of individual conditions does not affect the validity of the rest.


The billing methods are detailed in the Florence One Srl offer.


The technical characteristics of any products supplied by Florence One Srl in combination with its services are those communicated by the individual producers. Florence One Srl therefore does not assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies and/or non-correspondence of the same to what was communicated. The service offered is intended exclusively as an aid to its Customers, and is not intended to replace in any way what manufacturers officially communicate to the market about the technical, functional and dimensional characteristics of their hardware and software products.


Orders are accepted only and exclusively in written form, possibly by certified email.


The prices (VAT excluded) are those that emerge from the offer of Florence One Srl and refer to the supply of what is described in the project specifications. In addition to the on-call assistance which will be billed on a final balance, any additional activities, not envisaged in the offer, will be subject to a new quotation by Florence One Srl.


The supplies must be paid for by 30 days from the invoice date at the end of the month, except for different conditions which must be agreed in writing with Florence One Srl. Florence One Srl reserves, at its sole discretion, the right not to proceed with the conclusion of the supply, or not to open new ones , in case of missed or delayed payments. It is also understood that, in such cases, payments for the services performed up to that moment will be due to Florence One Srl. The customer is not authorized to withhold or debit payments except in legally verified or established cases. Delayed payment will give rise to the start of interest expense on the basis of the prime rate increased by five percentage points, eight days after the expiry date. The costs of unpaid, bank and promissory notes are charged to the customer. In any case, any greater damages are reserved. The supply is carried out with the "reservation of title" clause in favor of the seller (art. 1523 and following of the Civil Code) until full payment or successful completion of any accepted effects. In the absence of this, or if it is delayed, Florence One Srl reserves the right to cancel supplies in progress or to be carried out, as well as to take back the goods or ownership of projects and to make its own the advances already collected as a penalty. Modifications of the "reservation of title" right can only take place by written agreement.


Delivery times, if foreseen, are those that emerge from the offer, or from the feasibility study, or from the project specifications and run exclusively from the date of acceptance of the order communicated to the customer by Florence One Srl. However, the customer is aware that, in supplies of this type, the external and internal dependencies are multiple and not entirely predictable and therefore the aforementioned delivery times may vary, without this having any consequences for Florence One Srl. The terms delivery indicated by Florence One Srl cannot, therefore, give rise to cancellations of orders unless agreed in writing.


Florence One Srl:
1- Does not accept any type of penalty unless explicitly agreed upon from time to time on the individual components of the supply
2- Never assumes responsibility for the components or products made by third parties and, in any case, the extenuating circumstances deriving from unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure will be valid.


Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, the customer acknowledges that the "personal data" communicated and/or exchanged, even in the pre-contractual information phase, will be processed pursuant to, for the effects and with the purposes referred to in art. 24, paragraph 1, letters b), c), d) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions. Furthermore, it is understood that the customer expressly consents to the transfer of "personal data" pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 42 and art.43 paragraph 1 letter a) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and, in any case, to their communication and dissemination pursuant to and by effect of art. 25, paragraph 1 of the aforementioned decree.


Any dispute relating to this contract will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Florence. For anything not expressly provided for in this contract, please refer to the provisions of the Civil Code, as well as to other mandatory legal provisions having legal effect.


The conditions contained in this document may be modified without notice and will be valid from the date of publication.