Just MES

For production control and administration

The complete platform that evolves with your company's supply chain needs.
With Just MES Suite you monitor, manage and optimize all the activities of the production departments.

Soluzione completa

Just MES, the complete solution for your supply chain

Just MES Suite is an information system for managing all stages of production of companies belonging to any sector and of any size, guaranteeing total control of each process of the production chain: from order launch, to document management and from raw materials to the finished product..

All the machines will communicate in real time with the system by sending data and information; in this way you will have a complete vision of the progress of your supply chain. The main purpose of JustMES is to increase operational efficiency, streamline and optimize processes by eliminating errors and waste of resources.

Monitora i flussi

Predict, plan and monitor production flows

You will have full control over product quality and in the event of errors or performance drops, being able to analyze each step, it will be easier to identify the origin of the problem and act promptly, an advantage that will make the company more competitive.

Just MES allows you to carry out tests, predict results and simulate possible scenarios, minimizing costs and waste of raw materials because it will be possible to develop new products knowing in advance the necessary amount of resources and testing their success quickly.

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Just MES Suite


Just Suite is the complete MES system for managing the production chain, from planning to delivery of the finished product. Easy, integrated, essential.
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The system automatically acquires data and information from all machines.



Plan the entire production chain avoiding unforeseen events and optimizing delivery times.



It suggests the materials that need to be purchased and the current inventory status.



Reports, graphs and analyzes useful for optimizing all steps of production.



Traceability is essential to react quickly and effectively.



Monitor the status of the machines and coordinate ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.



Complete management of both internal and external orders, deliveries, prices and timing.



Acquisition in the production phase of data useful for the improvement of the final product.

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Azienda competitiva

For a more competitive company

The data acquired by the Just MES suite is stored in a single database so as to be usable in the Cloud from multiple devices. The maximum flexibility and automation of processes increases the efficiency of the company, optimizes communication between the different areas and with external collaborators.

Furthermore, the MES system contributes to the reduction of the "time to market", i.e. the time that elapses from the design of a product to its availability on the market, positively influencing the satisfaction of the final customer.


Just MES
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