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The complete ECM solution

Manage documents digitally and automate information processes.
Kendox InfoShare is the advanced and innovative platform that offers practical solutions within everyone's reach.

Documenti, archiviazione e workflow

Documents, archiving and workflow with Kendox

Kendox InfoShare offers you practical solutions for document management, archiving and workflow. Easy and flexible, it is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Collect and transfer data automatically, taking advantage of the wide range of integration options.

The archiving of documents, data and records and their storage complies with current regulations, traceable and non-alterable for guaranteed security throughout the retention period.

Ottimizza le informazioni aziendali

Optimize business information

Complete, scalable and integrable quickly and easily with other market-leading applications and systems. You will be able to manage information whatever its origin, optimizing its use in business and decision-making processes.

The interface is simple for intuitive use by the user and the solutions offered are also available in the cloud for use even from mobile thanks to its responsive design.

Streamline document management within your company.

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Kendox Infoshare


Speed, transparency and precision are all qualities that Kendox InfoShare brings within the company with its digital management of data and information processes.
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Fast acquisition of data and documents from any source.



Organize all your data in an intelligent, centralized and secure way.



Safe and fast information sharing between teams and stakeholders.



Information available immediately and usable from any device.



APIs that allow integration with other applications present.



Quick and easy consultation of documents and information using keywords.



Simplification of various business and decision-making processes.



Fast, efficient and accurate document management without errors or redundancies.

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I have read the privacy policy and authorize the processing of my personal data for the intended commercial purposes - DL 196 2003.
Dai valore all’informazione

Value the information

Proper and efficient management of documents and information processes is crucial for guaranteeing high standards of quality and precision.

Choosing to digitize processes means giving greater value to information and having the possibility of exploiting the potential of Intelligent Business tools for analyzing company data with clear advantages in terms of results, timeliness and security.

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Kendox Infoshare ECM
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