The CRM that brings you closer to customers

The completely cloud-based platform for change.
Salesforce CRM allows simplified and personalized management to companies of any size and complexity.

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SALESFORCE, clear and shared information

The platform was created with the intention of adapting to any corporate structure, from micro-enterprises to structured and complex companies.

Business performance, feedback and customer interactions will be visible to your entire team in real time. For a clear, global and always up-to-date vision.

Increase productivity and sales, monitor detailed analysis reports and create targeted and effective marketing campaigns thanks to a flexible CRM that can be customized in every aspect and component.

Potente e accessibile

L’unico CRM vicino ai clienti

Salesforce lets you focus on your customers, their needs and recommendations so you can improve every stage of the customer journey on a daily basis.

The information will be shared and usable by all your employees, organized by customer and objectives. Thanks to automation tools, each member of the team will be able to work more efficiently for better results.

A dynamic and flexible solution that allows you to react promptly to market changes and customer needs with new strategies based on updated data.



Salesforce is the completely cloud-based, flexible and customizable CRM that adapts to your structure to guarantee you better business processes and decision-making.
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Data management and processing of detailed reports for precise analyses.



Track every customer along the sales funnel for easier deals.



Detailed customer file shared with the whole team.



Creating targeted campaigns and measuring results.



For better digital experiences, smooth for more conversions.



Immediate support and troubleshooting with accessible data.



Completely cloud-based platform for always up-to-date and usable data.



Automated control of information fast, accurate and efficient.

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Manage the sales network

Choosing the Salesforce solution means being able to better monitor and administer the sales sector and have increasingly efficient results, thanks to a capillary control.

Thanks to the global and real-time vision of key areas, you can adopt targeted strategies and intervene promptly and intelligently in the event of critical issues and problems.

Get a customized Salesforce solution, our experts will support you for an optimal configuration for your business.


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