The story

NE Engineering is a company founded in 1990 that produces machinery, roller handling systems and material handling systems for the corrugated cardboard market. NEE is constantly committed to discovering new solutions capable of creating automated production processes and providing technologically advanced solutions NEE operates in a competitive world market, with installations in the United States, Malaysia and throughout Europe The work environment is rich in high-level skills, necessary to design technologically advanced equipment The equipment is manufactured following high quality to obtain maximum reliability and efficiency Innovation and development are the basis of this company, which has always been committed to discovering new solutions capable of improving the production process

The Challenge

N E Engineering required general accounting management with all the particularities related to the management, including taxation, of foreign customers and suppliers N E E also required a more advanced administration of financial flows, asset accounting and cost accounting management of order For the management of the core business, the implementation of a manufacturing execution system software complete with finite capacity planner 3 was requested

The solution

We have created a corporate database based on Italian taxation but also enabled to manage foreign currency transactions The customer and supplier master data and open items have been maintained thanks to the migration we carried out from the previous application The master data has also been imported of assets, so that the depreciable assets already present in the company can be managed in a single program Thanks to an active and passive schedule it is now possible to make forecasts concerning the cash flow The transactions in the system are also attributable to cost or revenue centers and to order, in order to obtain income statements filtered for specific projects The verticalisations of MES and PLANNER have been modeled on the basis of customer needs and fully integrated into the management control system