5 requirements for a perfect Cloud Server

5 requirements for a perfect Cloud Server

When we are about to choose the Cloud Server for our company, it is necessary to know which characteristics are essential, thus avoiding buying a product that is not able to meet your needs. In this regard, you must bear in mind the following factors: infrastructure, data redundancy, monthly bandwidth quota, support and after-sales.

First a small definition of Cloud Server: a cloud server is a centralized resource distributed over a network (such as the Internet) and accessible by multiple users.

1. Infrastructure

It is extremely important that the new Cloud Server is able to handle not only the current business needs but above all the future ones. It is not possible to know which problems or needs will be encountered, for this reason the Cloud Server must not set limits. During the purchase phase, do not forget to ask the supplier all possible questions about the Cloud Server infrastructure, assuming scenarios and unforeseen events that the company could face in the future.

2. Data redundancy

In computing, data redundancy refers to the condition where data is kept in two separate places. This feature is required to save data in the event of a blackout or main connectivity failure. Having a backup resource is also essential in case one of the servers is overloaded, other servers (usually standby) must be able to absorb the excess load.

3. Monthly bandwidth fee

During the purchase phase, it is necessary to evaluate the monthly bandwidth quota imposed by the supplier, the evaluation must be made taking into account the hypothetical monthly consumption required by your server. This evaluation will allow you to avoid additional charges and costs.

4. Support

Even the best are not without unexpected events, which is why it is important to have a support team always available. Before buying, ask the supplier for the hours and availability of the technical department. Emergencies don't have days off and problems often need to be resolved in a very short time, which is why technical support must be competent, available and easily contactable.

5. After sales

The growth of your company could make the newly purchased Cloud Server obsolete and you will probably find yourself in the situation where you are forced to invest to implement and upgrade the existing infrastructure. Make sure that the chosen supplier is able to accompany you in your growth and that he knows how to direct you to make the best choices for the company and for future projects.