Arianna Fibers, our green heart

Arianna Fibers, our green heart

We have been dealing with Enterprise IT Consulting and Digital Transformation for over 20 years, providing services to small and large Italian and multinational companies.

In recent years, our NFC group has also turned its gaze to another theme, that of environmental sustainability, giving life to Arianna Fibers.

Arianna Fibers is a start-up from Pistoia that deals with the production of sustainable additives for plastics. They are produced from natural fibers and biodegradable fillers from which biodegradable and recyclable plastic is also obtained. The entire production is obviously zero impact.

 Arianna Fibers' commitment will contribute to the reduction of marine pollution and food contamination from microplastics and consequently will make a strong contribution to the fight against climate change.

This young start-up is at the beginning of a path that promises to be full of successes and its products are still being developed and perfected, but it already has all the credentials to be able to do great things by helping the planet and its inhabitants.