Change Management: the solution to deal with digitization in the company

Change Management: the solution to deal with digitization in the company

In 2020 we have heard a lot about digitization and many companies that are transforming the way they work. In this climate of strong change, hand in hand with digital transformation, the term is introduced: Change Management.

All the activities necessary for change management are included within Change Management; these activities also take into account the human and emotional aspect of the employees who will have to revolutionize their way of working. The main purpose of the C.M. is to develop a spirit of positivity towards new things, abandon one's habits and accept having to use new tools and procedures. So let's talk about a real guided transition path.

Change Management is based on the 4P model, four fundamental pillars:

    People: change people's Mindset;
    Process: review processes from a modern and digital point of view;
    Platform: introducing new technologies into the company;
    Place: changing the concept of workspace.

The benefits of this new approach will be:

    Respect of objectives;
    Respect for deadlines;
    Budget compliance;
    ROI increase.

Leaders must first of all adopt a visionary way of thinking, based on innovation and bring out their full potential from their employees; new leaders must instill optimism and always look for new challenges.

In conclusion, we report the words of Mariano Corso, professor of Leadership and Innovation at the Milan Polytechnic and scientific director of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory and scientific director of P4I – Partners4Innovation:

“The greater openness to change, starting from the beginning of the pandemic, demonstrates that the need to create new organizational models and work tools has been understood. Now management must not miss this opportunity to exploit the greater willingness to change, encouraging the engagement of its collaborators".