Siderale Srls has also chosen Florence One and SAP for its business

Siderale Srls has also chosen Florence One and SAP for its business

With this article we want to tell you a story. The story of an entrepreneur who chose Florence One and SAP as allies to make his company big; we will tell you about his goals, his strength and how Florence One and SAP will contribute to making this ambitious project a great reality.

Siderale Srls

We are talking about Siderale Srls, a start-up operating in the paper converting sector, daughter of the genius of Eng. Arrighi Francesco. Siderale Srls holds the patent of an innovative machine, one of a kind, for cutting paper products capable of combining speed, durability and incredible precision. With this machine we intend to break all the limits encountered up to now by traditional machines, limits linked to the very structure of the machine which did not allow for speed and precision to be combined. What seemed impossible is now reality: cutting rolls of paper at high speed with a thin blade only a few tenths of a millimeter.

Innovation – says Eng. Arrighi – lies in the geometry of the cutting components, shifting the point of observation of the cutting phenomenon, the first band saw was created which cancels the oscillating movements and the consequent inertia since it does not require any relative movement between the blade and the log.

There are many advantages that this machine will bring to the paper converting sector, such as: – – extreme safety;

    low operating costs;
    reliability and durability.

Corporate goals

Siderale Srls has clear ideas and all the credentials to soon become a large industry. Its founder states: "Starting to compete in such a regulated and structured sector as that of paper mills represents a challenge, for a new competitor, which can only be won if a solid internal organization is immediately established and ready to grow rapidly and disruptive".

The paper mill requires a high level of reliability in order to never run into technical and procedural problems that force it to stop production, albeit momentarily. Siderale Srls therefore knows that in order to be able to offer its customers a service and a product capable of satisfying this need, it must have the appropriate professionalism and the necessary structure to deal with any emergency:

    Customer service, assembly and testing, well stocked spare parts warehouse;
    Quick order management;
    Quick identification of the problem;
    Availability of the history of the installed machinery to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

The role of Florence One and SAP

In order to achieve all the set objectives and create a solid corporate structure, it is necessary to have the right tools. In this Florence One and SAP have played an important role because with their IT solutions they have given Siderale Srls the possibility to manage its business in a smart, fast, precise and always innovative way. Not only that, also the relationship between the various stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and employees aims to be more flexible by eliminating those mechanical and time-consuming steps used up to now.

In order to be able to present itself on the market with an already solid structure, Siderale Srls wanted a management system able to grow together with its company, adapting to all the constantly changing needs; an integrated and tailor-made solution. Florence One solutions have made all-round company management faster:

    Immediate availability of data for dialogue with the Revenue Agency;
    Cost containment in the preparation of budgets and investment forecasts;
    Reliable and accurate tool for business intelligence;
    Management of purchases, sales, offers, orders and invoicing.

The choice of Florence One and SAP products is above all aimed at improving the experience that the customer, supplier or third party will have with the company. The primary purpose of Siderale Srls was to build a completely transparent company and, to do this, it has equipped itself with a web portal in which all data and information will be accessible to customers and interested in the product and its innovations. Data in hand, they will be able to independently choose whether to invest or not on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the company and the machinery. Especially as regards potential investors, they will be able to have total transparency of the company's structure and financial situation.

The relationship between Siderale Srls and those interested in its machinery will be much more flexible and faster, those interested in investing will be able to carry out all the actions directly from the portal and (in case of investment) directly receive the 50% reduction.

Teamwork has favored innovations and concessions that will make the paper sector competitive on a global level.