SAP HANA, the latest generation of the ERP.

SAP HANA, the latest generation of the ERP.

SAP HANA was created to meet the needs of companies that are increasingly connected and inserted in a completely digital world where speed and efficiency are fundamental requirements for making daily decisions of vital importance for the company.

To carry on its business in an increasingly competitive world, a company must in fact make decisions every day in order to be able to adapt to the continuous changes in the market without falling behind. However, it is necessary to adapt easily and quickly.

Florence One is able to assist you in this replatforming process towards SAP HANA in order to have a fully customized, competitive business application management suite thanks to the flexibility and integrability of the platform itself.
Even the user interface is easy to use and intuitive, guaranteeing an unprecedented quality user experience as increasingly correct and precise answers are now expected to the queries addressed to company management programs and dedicated to resource planning.

But what is unique about SAP HANA?

HANA stands for High Performance Analytical Appliance and its main strength is the use of in memory computing technology.
This technology allows you to save all the information and data directly in the main memory of the server, in this way the applications will no longer need to go first from the disk, get the information and then load it into the RAM memory for each single operation.

Hence the most important advantage of SAP HANA, the speed in processing information and giving answers, clearly perceptible for companies that manage huge amounts of data also coming from different sources and devices. A speed achieved also thanks to the storage of data in columns and not in rows (Column-oriented DBMS).

The trend of increasingly using big data and a highly competitive market require a continuous ability to adapt, where timing is essential for making daily decisions of fundamental importance.
Request advice from our experts and they will show you what real benefits SAP HANA would bring to your business. Florence One through a study of your company, careful planning and preparation will be able to best assist you. Expert professionals will be at your disposal.