Cyber security: Florence One solutions to protect your company

Cyber security: Florence One solutions to protect your company

Internet, devices and digitized management of business processes are, completely or almost completely, integrated into everyday working life where data and information are the masters. Although we are now in a mature phase of this digitization process, some skepticisms regarding security remain unchanged. In fact, new processes necessarily bring new advantages but also new challenges and one of these is precisely the ability to annihilate online threats.

So how can companies safeguard their corporate data and sensitive data of their customers? Undoubtedly by adopting a cyber security system suitable for the type of work, tools and data processed. Today, given the forced evolution of smart working and cloud computing, it is even more necessary not to be caught unprepared, perhaps without antivirus or an adequate IT security strategy.

Florence One boasts a wide range of cyber security solutions capable of defending the company even from the most advanced threats; these have been chosen, guaranteeing their effectiveness, by the largest international organizations at a global level. The goal is to block threats at their source without disrupting business processes.

What Florence One offers is not only a protection tool for SMEs but a real service also consisting of continuous coaching and advice from experts.

Furthermore, Florence One cyber security solutions are "intelligent" because, thanks to Endpoint Protection solutions, they are able to protect all devices on the corporate network, making it possible to adopt any digital tool in total serenity and security, even for remote work.

Florence One wants to recreate a new pleasure of working based on safety and efficiency.