Customer Experience: how to take care of customers with technology

Customer Experience: how to take care of customers with technology

Digitization, industry 4.0, 5G, e-Commerce and artificial intelligence are just some of the terminologies that are part of our daily lives and our near future. The immense world of the web and all connected technologies are radically transforming the world of work, not only the way of working, but the structure and entire organization of companies. A real 360° revolution. New tools, procedures, responsibilities and also new concerns.

Not only are the modern tools available forcing companies to change (necessary to keep up with competitors and the market) but also the expectations of the demand. The lockdown was the litmus test. The new users of 2020, and increasingly those of the future, expect more usable online services from brands ("if you don't have a site, you don't exist" now it is worth more than ever): online shopping, delivery, shopping, payment of taxes and appointment bookings and quick and effective customer care. Devices and the Internet have made us all even more demanding.

So what should SME owners ask themselves? The answer to this question could be: do I have all the tools to keep up with technological progress? But above all, how can I improve the customer experience of my customers?

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Online users are no longer satisfied with a simple exchange of services but expect a real experience. They want to feel understood, served and accompanied. Companies could therefore develop an App or a Web Portal, for example, in which the consumer can embark on a real online journey, where the customer is accompanied in his choice, advised and helped (reassured in the case of online payments) but where he can also find useful information in total freedom. By adopting innovative and well-designed solutions, the brand reputation will also acquire value and prestige and the probability of loyalty will be greater.

Software and online services, tailored to the target audience, will give the customer the opportunity to personalize their searches, at the same time the brand will thus be able to better understand the tastes and needs of the buyer in order to be able to satisfy them more and more every day. Company and customer will grow in unison. The advantages are therefore not only one-way, the company itself will also be able to enjoy them. Investing in Apps, Web Portals, Management or eCommerce Portals also means investing in a more precise, organized and faster way of working so as to streamline procedures and invest the time gained in more profitable actions. In addition, all user data will be protected according to current privacy legislation, protected from the most advanced threats by relieving the insider.

There is one aspect that should not be underestimated and which has acquired more and more importance especially in the last period: the empathic connection. Through effective online services, a strong connection will be created or consolidated with the customer. If the user perceives the investment made in innovative technologies that are safe and in step with his needs (for example: need for a fast service that he can purchase wherever he is via smartphone) you will inspire trust, security and freshness and will be more inclined to choose you a second time. The company will increase revenue by giving customers new and fun experiences.

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