Group NFO

Group NFO

Good morning everyone,

we would have liked to organize a specific event to toast this event with you but at the moment it is obviously not possible. We all know very well the situation we find ourselves living personally and professionally, but we do not stop seeing the future with enthusiasm, with its threats but also with its opportunities, as I wrote to you last week.

We Florence One members (Bonuccelli, Ferroni, Persiano) are pleased to introduce you to NFO Srl, a company that we founded together and which will complement the Florence One offer you already know.

NFO Srl offers the market consultancy services supported by the best technology. NFO can offer Management the creation of a company growth plan and can concretely provide management with certain proof of performance improvement thanks to the technological support of business intelligence tools and real-time data analysis. You will discover over time all the initiatives we have prepared for you.

NFO also participates in innovative start-ups that offer solutions for eco-sustainability.

Florence One continues its growth path and will follow a three-year investment plan already approved on the ERP market (also called advanced management software) and will cover the role of NFO technological partner on its consultancy assignments.

For further information, we are waiting for you on the website

Good day!