APP for sports clubs: "go live with us!"

APP for sports clubs: "go live with us!"

"Go live with us", it is with this cry that we announce the birth of our new application dedicated to sports clubs!


His intent is to build fan loyalty by giving him the opportunity to follow and experience his favorite team through a unique experience; it will be like being on the sidelines or in the locker room!

Within the application, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, the user will be able to carry out various activities such as quizzes and surveys, following these actions he will be credited with coins or virtual coins.

In the reserved area the fan will see how many coins he has accumulated and all his movements. The user can use the virtual currency to make purchases in the company's shop or from partners using self-destructing tokens.

If you are a sports club interested in this new application, we list the main back-end functions below:

    Create surveys and bets here, providing date and time of start and end of validity.
    Team and individual player management.
    Notification management.
    Add direct links to various external sites.
    Add the sponsor logo for each quiz\survey.

Every team needs its ultras so what are you waiting for? Conquer all your fans!