Smart working, cloud and sustainability: the three key principles for the Italian companies of the future

Smart working, cloud and sustainability: the three key principles for the Italian companies of the future

These were years of change for Italian companies, years in which the importance of being resilient emerged, i.e. having the ability to face and overcome a period of difficulty by shaping oneself, absorbing the shock but never breaking. For companies, it has meant enduring the consequences of a global pandemic, the irrepressible arrival of digital technology, changes in the habits of their public, the increase in production costs and tackling the issue linked to climate change as protagonists.

The Italian Government, aware of the need to bring a breath of change to the country, has created a plan, called the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which provides for a package of investments and reforms divided into six missions:

    Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism;
    Green revolution and ecological transition;
    Infrastructures for sustainable mobility;
    Education and Research;
    Cohesion and inclusion;

The companies of the future

According to Microsoft, the three key guidelines that would allow Italian companies to exploit the opportunities given by the Pnrr for their digital transformation are:

    smart working;

The recent Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022 confirmed that during the last two years companies have opted for new work models to guarantee productivity and an activity balance compatible with the needs of the employees.

“54% of Italians are now more inclined to prioritize health and well-being and 37% are willing to consider a new job in the next year. The real challenge of this new era of hybrid work, according to 49% of corporate executives, will be the ability to engage employees.”

According to Wired, however, the cloud computing market in Italy reached 3.84 billion euros in 2021, this means that it is capable of generating an extra GDP of 20 billion in 2025. Microsoft reiterates that the cloud is a technology able to transform all sectors of the company, especially where there is a data-driven approach.

65% of Italian companies use cloud platforms (source Eurostat) and a growth in profits of 15% to 25% has been calculated (source McKinsey).

Important companies, such as the Prada Group for example, are focusing on the cloud to optimize customer interaction, digitalisation of the production and logistics chain.

Sustainability today is synonymous with awareness, the same customers have much more interest in brands that show sensitivity towards environmental issues; one of the many reasons why sustainability has become a priority for businesses.

By acting responsibly, companies guide the growth of the area in which they operate, generating a positive impact, not only economic but also social and environmental. Digital, according to Microsoft, has a strategic lever to obtain important results in this issue.

Source: Wired