Logo Siderale Converting

The story

Siderale Converting researches, designs and manufactures innovative machinery for converting tissue paper products suitable for both the Consumer and Professional markets. Founded in 2019, the Company today bases its strength on two important international patents that make it possible to offer machinery capable of expressing performances never before achieved on the market. The business model pursued by Siderale is that of the design, construction and sale of machinery and consumable products on an exclusive basis, to specific customers in the paper converting sector. The effective intellectual protection and the provision of very advanced design, management and construction systems allow the company to offer itself to even the most structured customers, who require a level of assistance and competence typical of large companies.

The Challenge

Unlike what happened in the past, the dialogue with potential customers that Siderale has to deal with is now governed by increasingly stringent requests in terms of safety and environmental regulations and the reliability of the proposed machinery. For this reason it is evident that only the most structured manufacturers have the possibility of offering their systems to those customers who can really determine the success of a company. Siderale is a micro enterprise that has decided to compete by structuring the company with absolute scalability. We immediately equipped ourselves with the most modern design and management systems for the entire production process in order to be able to respond effectively to the most complex internal dynamics towards customers and suppliers. This structure allows us to reduce many of the costs we had while maintaining a level of governance never seen before.

The solution

The introduction of SAP Business One in its desktop, web and mobile versions allows us to respond to both suppliers and our largest customers, with the same professionalism demonstrated by our most influential competitors on the market. All procedures and tasks are organized in an orderly and correct sequence, allowing us to operate without risk for the order. Even the aspects concerning the proposal to the customer are treated in detail. Our sellers can have catalogs and technical sheets always updated with the modifications frequently elaborated in the technical office. The relationship with credit institutions is no longer managed manually but with a dedicated treasury module capable of importing and exporting movements, automatically reconciling items and proposing the best conditions, reducing bank charges.